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Our comprehensive ArmPOS System enables you to improve efficiency, reduce costs, control your inventory and ultimately improve profitability.

Kitchen Display System

Our kitchen display system moves paper documents to electronic screens and paperless back-of-house management.


Our self-service ordering machines reduce the cost of manual operation by allowing customers to order their own food.


Use Robot to replace manual work means More accurate, and more efficiency.


Printers integrated with ArmPOS are used for worklists, receipts, and invoices printing.

Loyalty Management

Create your own branded rewards experience, by taking advantage of instant deals and exclusive offers from leading brands and service providers.

Online & Table Ordering

Our online and table booking system enables booking, payment, and customer management through an intuitive and customizable interface.

Back Office

Our back-office system helps you to check the sales of your products and make strategic adjustments at any time.

Handy Terminal

Our handy terminal system can be widely applied to wholesale, retail, and production commercial enterprises, shops, warehouses, etc.